How much would a site like this cost…


dear friends, colleagues, clients and potential clients, as well as those who are interested in “how much?” every time you see a beautiful site and you want something like that – take the trouble to look at the project yourself in all its main sections and functionality and indicate in advance which of the items presented on the site you DO NOT need.

And remember that every project needs such stages as:

  • design
  • layout
  • programming

Therefore, indicate whether you need an assessment of design, layout and code.

Otherwise, I will make an estimate for you, but it will not be informative. Here’s an example:


Good afternoon, I want to make a website for cleaning in this format: ( Tell us the approximate cost and terms


Good afternoon, if I consider in detail the site you have provided, my assessment will not interest you, I’m sure. However, I can also assume that you did not deeply analyze the entire volume of the functionality existing on this site.

Let’s exclude all information pages of the project and take only few sections.

Here are 2 forms of order calculation with price-dependent parameters. The constructor of such forms on the site will cost several times more than the development of other sections and design. So that you can implement such forms with cost calculation formulas for each service without the help of a programmer by yourself. But you may not need this.

Now let’s see the further ordering process…Here is a checkout form with coupons, certificates, and there is also a sign of registration, which means accounting for customers, their orders, generating promotional codes and accounting for them, etc. Do you need it?

You can also find a mention of the calculation of taxes and bonus points.

In addition, let’s return to the basic information pages – the site does not have clear page templates and, in general, creates the impression that each page was made to order according to the client’s description or independently. Thus, it is not enough to make 1 service template in order to repeat such a design – you will either need the help of a layout designer and a designer to design each page (there are 18 main sections with structural differences) or generally transfer to the customer an empty site with the ability to insert elements (tables with prices, text, photo) – i.e. you need a designer that is easy to use, or the customer has layout skills and will design each page independently. Unknown.

However, now I am answering your question, I think that this site took on its current form within at least 1-2 years of development and refinement in several stages. The total development budget could be about $ 500 and was implemented in 1-2 weeks, then the designs of each service page were ordered (say, $ 50 per page = $ 900 for six months), then the system of on-line apartment ordering and window cleaning … let’s say it was estimated at 2-3 weeks of work, and it cost, say, $ 800 (with a basket and online payment).

After that, there was probably work with SEOs and marketers who advised to introduce a bonus system, a coupon system, a discount system, as well as a system for calculating taxes, etc. … Let’s say they allocated 1000 $ for this and did it in 1-2 months.

In total, we have a period of 6-9 months in the absence of backlashes with a description of the technical specification, and a budget of about $ 2,500.
Thanks for writing!

Unfortunately, in response to all my efforts to evaluate and analyze the question in detail, I received an answer (given below) and it became clear that my efforts were in vain.


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