The question of pricing the cost of the project or why we do not make discounts?

Every person who is going to spend hard-earned money is always worried about the question of how to buy cheaper, but at the same time get a quality product/service.

In web development, the issue of cost is controversial. For the client, the price of the site usually does not seem very transparent. “Why do those 1000 conventional valuable units, and you have 100500 of these very conventional valuable units …”

None of the existing schemes is ideal, questions have arisen and will always arise.

Therefore, let’s talk about how we calculate the cost of projects.

Task: to create a website for a company with a unique design, connecting the code of several modules to display information from third-party developers, a fixed horizontal menu and specified relationships between the content of the website sections.

The site must display correctly on tablets and mobile devices and meet all the requirements of search engine optimization.

Website production stages of work

  • Initial Technical Task. We negotiate all the nuances of the client’s initial wishes (as a rule, in 90% of cases, wishes are changed and supplemented in the process)
  • Price for Design. We estimate the cost of the design and the timing of showing the main page of the design to the client.
  • Pre-payment. We discuss the ammount with the client
  • Design. We draw, show the client, discuss, make edits – until the design is fully accepted.
  • Price and terms for project development. Design is the basis for an accurate assessment. The price includes an understandable amount of work + some unspecified “goodies”, which, according to experience, always arise in the course of action. The assessment is approved with the client.
  • Upon completion of development, the result is demonstrated to the client, with detailed explanations for working with the content and answers to any questions that arise.
  • Issues correction in the work of the site is free of charge within 3 months from the date of delivery of the project.


  • you can always limit the development budget, but by doing so you limit the amount of work.
  • the initial Technical task is always allows you to form only a rough estimate for the project. Fluctuations in the final cost depend only on your total wishes and design.
  • The solution can be found for any problem that arises. The only condition is trust and desire to find this solution.

Why don’t we offer discounts?

The answer is very simple – because we do not put extra money into the final price that we announce to you. If you want to reduce the cost of development, this can be done, but only by reducing the amount of work and fixing it in our agreements.

Therefore, the concept of a discount does not exist in LoveITGroup.
And we consider this position to be honest and open in relation to our clients!

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