Since 2012 the team has released over 500 projects for our clients. We will show you the best works that are not covered by the NDA and copyright protection
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YourCoach front & backend development

Project development in extreme programming mode in one week. The launch of each finished page to support the conference company. Development planning and testing according to Agile methodologies.

Completed work
  • Responsive Frontend
  • Backend development
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Server maintenance
  • Content managing

UniJoin Crypto service development

Optimized and animated html layout for website development. Calc and special settings for crypto investments.

Completed work
  • Stack analyze and consulting
  • Figma 2 HTML
  • SVG Animations
  • Layout optimization
  • Development support

Bettter.Us – Upcycle Systems
E-commerce & Data platform

We were invited to this project to plan, design, develop and launch a new portal promoting the idea of reusing raw materials for the fashion industry. The site was developed to present technologies and sell fashion clothes of the director of the VOGUE Julie Pelipas.

Warehouse management system integrated.

Site developed using PWA technology: Vue.js – Front-End, YII2 Framework – Backend.

Completed work
  • Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Front&Backend development
  • Supporting & enhancement

Invent.Us – Corporate Website

We have developed a new site for the client, keeping the SEO rank and updating it. The site was developed with a minimum number of plugins, thanks to which we got stable work and maximum performance. The site is optimized for SEO requirements and has been supported by our team since 2019.

Completed work
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Dev
  • WP Integration
  • GPSI Optimization
  • Content management & SEO

WP based Gerogia Tours portal

Complete development of a portal for a travel agency in Georgia. SEO analysis on the formation of a link mass and relinking of the content structure. Website and server maintenance.

The client is satisfied with the increase in conversion and attraction of customers around the world.

We are proud of our work!

Agency website
Completed work
  • Stack analyze and consulting
  • Prototypes and SEO planning
  • Photoshop Webdesign
  • Responsive frontend
  • Custom WP development
  • Server maintenance

E-commerce YII2 RusMediaGroup

A large souvenir shop with the integration of cross-sale api, updating the product catalog, filters, seo optimization

Completed work
  • Design
  • Frontend dev
  • Backend dev
  • Server administration

CardioQuark gadget landing page

Presentation of a new gadget for iPhone that measures health readings – pulse, blood pressure, and more. HTML5 layout and animation

Web site demo
Completed work
  • Design
  • Layout PSD2HTML
  • HTML5 animation
  • Integration with CMS Wordpress

Site of the company “VarmaStroy”

Website development for VarmaStroy company, products and services of the company. Complex, animated layout, integration with CMS WordPress

Company website
Completed work
  • HTML Layout
  • Programming on WordPress
  • Adding content to the site

Rental service “TYRISTO”

Site for daily rent and rental of housing with a lease transaction, exchange of reviews, collection of a commission in favor of the site. A structure has been laid for connecting other cities. Informational sections of the Billboard, Area Guide, Sightseeing places have been developed.

"Tyristo" website
Completed work
  • Development of technical specifications and prototypes
  • Design development
  • Layout
  • Website development on YII2 Framework

TrustGroup website

The company’s business card website designed by Perfect-pixels studio. Layout, animation and integration with CMS WordPress have been done. Client hosting setup and initial internal website optimization.

Company website
Completed work
  • HTML layout and animation
  • Integration with WP
  • Hosting setup and project transfer

SmartAss Project: Sports Club, Restaurant, Beauty Salon

Development of a personal CRM system for a sports club and a restaurant, integration of payment systems, IIKO restaurant management systems, creation of an API for mobile applications, development of a network of sites with a common administrative panel.

Sports club website
Completed work
  • СRM development
  • Payment system API integration
  • Payment system API integration
  • Development of a network of sites on YII2

German quest rooms aggregator “RoomOut”

This catalog-aggregator was made for quest rooms owner based in Germany. The task included search by location based on GoogleMap API, integration of the Sphinx search engine, accounting for the quest room schedule system and pricing depending on the time of the room visit.

Aggregator web site
Completed work
  • Site design
  • Adaptive layout
  • Sphinx search engine integration
  • Development on the YII2 framework

Website of the organization “Contrfors”

Large presentation site of the company. It is implemented in the form of complex landing pages with a presentation of the services and services of the Contrfors company. Layout, page animation, adaptation for mobile devices, site optimization for search engines and integration with the WordPress content management system were completed

Company web site
Completed work
  • Layout and optimization
  • Programming on WordPress
  • Hosting setup

RFMS Lyceum Network Multisite

The WordPress Multisite was designed to bring together a group of elite school network sites under a single administrative panel. The system of payment for tuition and donations, surveys and testing of students has been integrated.

School web site
Completed work
  • Responsive layout
  • General system programming
  • Development of 4 sub-sites
  • Integration of payment systems
  • Site support and update

CentrAkt portal

Large web site of the company CentrAkt. Implemented on СMS WordPress. Optimized for mobile devices. The site has a poll module and an online calculator for calculating the cost of services.

Company web site
Completed work
  • Website layout
  • Integration with CMS WP
  • Calculator module development
  • Quiz module development

BeautyCaster portal

The author’s system for the selection of cosmetic products by passing through questionnaires. A directory of specialists providing services with geo-targeting, a system for booking services and reviews, accounting for the work of the salon (mini-CRM) has been implemented.

A commission is charged for PRO-accounts of specialists providing their services. Payment systems and GoogleMaps API are integrated. The Sphinx system was connected and configured for quick operation of store filters and selection of goods based on the results of a survey of questionnaires.

Store web site
Completed work
  • Interface design
  • Business analytics
  • Project documentation
  • Layout and programming
  • VDS server setup

Beriter.ru tender platform

A portal for purchasing building materials based on a tender system of bids / offers with an extensive catalog of products, a constructor of fields for product characteristics, product filters, Sphinx search, chat, ratings, financial system, SMS verification, etc.

Service's web site
Completed work
  • Prototyping in Axure
  • Development of documentation
  • YII2 programming
  • Project support

City portal “Dnepr.info”

The LoveItGroup team has successfully restarted the dnepr.info project. More than 100,000 project pages were imported, a new portal was created with a large number of innovations and services. Also the code was optimized and the mobile version was launched. An advertising network was integrated, a catalog of companies with a unique design on dynamic subdomains was created. Work on improving the city portal continues.

«Dnepr.info» web site
Completed work
  • Design
  • Bootstrap layout
  • Website development on WP
  • Import content from old site and SEO maintenance
  • Sphinx Search Integration
  • Mobile version

Website “Solidarity Foundation”

A network of sites for the Charitable Foundation. Desktop and mobile versions of sites have been implemented. Integrated CMS WordPress and message board. Payment systems for donations and payments for the Fund’s services are connected. Internal site optimization has been done. All sites use a multilingual interface.

Fund web site
Completed work
  • Layout
  • Programming on WordPress
  • Connection of payment systems
  • Development of a mobile version of the site
  • Multilingual module

“Ultra watch” website

Site-catalog of a Swiss watch salon, one of the first works with CMS WordPress. The site has remained the corporate identity of the organization for over 10 years. Integrated api system issuu.com. Layout animation in html5 and jQuery libraries

Company web site
Completed work
  • Website design development
  • Website layout
  • Connection to СMS WP
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