What does SEO audit include?

What do we do as part of an SEO audit? And what will its implementation give for your site?

✔ Full technical audit

Result – Technical task with recommendations for a programmer to bring your site in line with the requirements of search engines (if necessary, recommendations can be implemented by our in-house programmer).

Site prototypes

For sites that need a redesign or are under development, prototypes (functional site layout) should be created. The prototype reflects all the structural and functional changes needed to implement with SEO and usability in mind.

Semantic core

The semantic core of the site is a list of targeted queries, according to which the site will be promoted with their breakdown by the corresponding landing pages (if your site sells “pink elephants”, all options will be selected, how users can request them in the search, and for a group of such requests, the most suitable page of the site will be selected, which offers the user to buy the pink elephants they are looking for. For each page, with further promotion, an optimized text will be created / processed taking into account the selected queries).
It is advisable to select the semantic core at the stage of SEO audit, since based on the list of target queries, changes in the structure of the site may be required, and such changes, as a rule, are better to negotiate and implement in advance
To make an SEO audit, you will need to
  • provide access to the administrative part of the site
  • provide access to statistics systems – if they are installed on the site
  • if possible, describe the features of your service / product and the geography of your target audience
  • to voice the desired target action / user actions on the site (purchase, registration, subscription, call, visit, etc.)
Based on the results of an SEO audit and the implementation of all its recommendations, you get a website that is technically completely ready for promotion. You can also independently write and place content on the site using the selected semantic core. This will give you the opportunity to get primary targeted search traffic.

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