Website development on YII 2.0 Framework

Website development YII2 – LoveITGroup company.

The development of non-trivial sites requires a careful selection of “tools”. Such projects as complex stores, portals, tender sites, auctions, services – will require maximum efficiency from developers in combination with speed, despite the large amount of required code.

Why choose YII?

Yii2 is an efficient, component-based framework. Ideal for high-speed development of large enough web portals of any complexity. Yii makes the most of the concept of code reuse. In other words, YII allows you to effectively use the existing developments of the team to develop new web projects.

Our team has an impressive list of developments, which allows us to offer you competitive terms and prices for development. Development is carried out on the most modern version of the YII 2.0 framework.

Our specialists not only track all the trends in development on YII, but are themselves active experts in thematic communities.

Examples of sites developed by us on the YII 2.0 framework in our portfolio – click here

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