Usability and SEO audits

SEO, usability audit, as well as consultation in the “question-answer” mode – this is just what you need if:

  • you already have a website, but you regularly have questions about its effectiveness
  • you are interested in analyzing the traffic and the actions of your users, but you do not know how
  • your site is more than 6 months old, but it has not attracted enough traffic from search
  • there is traffic, but no sales

In some cases, even before starting the development of a web project, it is useful to make an SEO audit in order to include requirements in the main Technical task that will ensure the technical compliance of the site with search engine optimization.

Also, before starting planning the structure of a web project, it is often very useful to conduct semantic research in your niche. The presence of a primary semantic core allows you to include in the structure the necessary thematic sections, which seriously increase the chances of a project for a good natural ranking in search engines.

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