How to promote your website by yourself?

Website promotion, promotion in search engines, SEO, internet marketing – for a new site owner, as for a businessman, all these concepts have the same meaning – all this is designed to ensure an influx of customers.

In this article, we will outline the main positions of Internet marketing that we apply in relation to our clients who want not just create a website, but to do everything to make the site “work”. There are a lot of correct methods for developing your project and strategies for attracting an audience and a lot depends on the topic and focus of the resource.

Classic promotion strategy for a commercial online store

Things to consider when developing:

  • creation structure of the store catalog so that the user can quickly find a subdirectory of the desired group of goods (for example, for a clothing store, the main catalogs are for women, men, children)
  • the ability to filter products by parameters that are important to the user (you are unlikely to enjoy browsing a huge catalog of dresses, and having chosen the one you like, you will find that your size is out of stock). In addition, with normal technical implementation – filter pages can be very helpful. For example, a combination of a filter by color or fabric and type of clothing will help you easily promote your search queries for “red evening dress”, “chiffon beach tunic”, etc. But here a lot depends on the topic.
  • the ability to easily add content and metadata to any page of the site – catalog, subdirectory, product, service page, filter page (an important requirement for site content to be optimized and qualify for organic search traffic)
  • accounting the technical component of optimization during development (lack of duplicate content, correct work with rel = canonical, competent structural linking, xml sitemap, etc.)
  • the presence of a regularly updated section (blog, articles) for promoting information requests and pumping up internal link weight (a good site is a regularly updated site, share with users your expert opinion on how to choose the right prom dress, how not to make a mistake with the size or how to choose an outfit for body type)

What you need to do after creating the site:

  • adding unique content to the site (goods must have high-quality photos and descriptions – after all, it is on this page that a person will make a purchase decision). Ideally, into each page of the site (a category, subcategory, product, service pages) – must be added the content and they should have metadata.
  • regular adding content to the updated section (blog, articles) with useful articles for your users – daily, once a week or once a month – depends on the topic, but the importance of regularly adding content is difficult to overestimate.
  • when creating content, ask yourself “How I would search for this material” and include these phrases in your content. Use search suggestions (drop-down suggestions when you are just starting to type something in the search bar, as well as the block under the search results “Together with … often search”)
  • As an example, we see that we need to use the words in the content – buy, evening dress, Ukraine, inexpensive, online. It is also not difficult to notice which categories the site will need – for a little too heavy people or large size dresses, floor-length dresses or long dresses, cocktail dresses – these catalog pages will be landing pages for promoting such requests.

Also in the search there are regional requests – Kharkiv, Kyiv. This means that these words must be present on the site. (From experience, we recommend making a separate end-to-end block listing the names of regions. For example “We have delivery to …”) More about internal optimization of landing pages:

  • it is advisable to maintain a database of your customers . For starting point, you can simply in xls or any document you like. For small databases up to 1000 emails, there are free packages in mailing services. For example, the service of sending letters and SMS Unisender. Thus, you can always be in touch with existing customers and inform them about discounts, promotions, sales or important news on your topic, thereby increasing the number of repeat sales or simply building loyalty to your brand.
  • it is advisable to lead groups in social networks , but remember “it’s better not at all, instead of somehow.”
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