How to optimize pages for search queries? (SEO)

How to optimize pages for queries (SEO) – consider the example of an online clothing store. In any online store, as a rule, the structure is reduced to the presence of catalog pages (this can include filter pages), product pages and information pages (news, articles).

All of these pages can and should contain unique content and be optimized for relevant queries in order to attract search traffic. To begin with, you must have a list of queries that are relevant to your site. This called semantic core (SC). This list of keywords is divided into groups that combine queries that are similar in meaning. It should be remembered that the more key queries are combined in a group, the more difficult it will be to correctly and beautifully optimize the page for them. For orientation – 10-15 requests per group is the limit.

  • How to build a semantic core by yourself?

How should the page be optimized for such a group of requests?

The text on the page is unique, READABLE, at least 300-500 characters for commodity and from 1000-1500 for catalogs, containing keywords from the query group and their synonyms. There are no hard and fast guidelines for the number of characters and keyword density.

The text should be written for the benefit of people. But this does not interfere with using the “correct words” for which the page is being optimized.

An optimized page is a page in which key phrases and words from a group of queries are present at the “points of concentration of the search robots attention“.

What should be considered “points of concentration of the search robots attention”?

For each page of the site, it is imperative to fill in the following elements and they must be unique for each page:

  • title – It gets into Google search results as a snippet title (a text piece of site content in search results). The displayed length in the output is 60-70 characters with spaces. The length of the text in the title is up to 70 characters with spaces + your brand (exactly at the end, so as not to “eat up” the informative part visible in the search). Mandatory contains a key request (a phrase from the words of all key requests), for which the page is tailored.
  • h1 – This is usually the main heading of the text section. There can be only one first level heading on a page. Contains a key request.
  • description – gets into the search engine results as a description of your site. It doesn’t really affect ranking, but it’s like a “sign at the entrance” in search results. Length 140 – 160 characters.
  • keyword – keywords for which this page is tailored, separated by commas. As a factor ranking is practically not taken into account. You can leave it blank.
  • картинки alt (required) and title of the image (desirable) – contain a description of the content of the image and key queries of the page. Length up to 250 characters.
  • списки и жирный шрифт – in the body of the text, you must use to highlight the parts where keywords are found – bold (strong tag) and lists (ol, ul tags)

The most frequent key phrases from the group of keys for which the page is being optimized should preferably be used in the first paragraph with direct entry and in word forms. The texts on the site should be structured – add subheadings, pictures. These elements not only make the page understandable and visually pleasing, but also allow you to organically highlight the occurrence of key phrases. And so, for example, you have one of the request groups:

– dresses to the floor to buy
– long dress buy kiev
– long dress buy
– maxi dresses
– dress maxi buy
– buy maxi dress kiev

For our example, obviously this is a catalog page with long dresses. Let’s isolate words from the group – dresses, dress, buy, Kiev, to the floor, maxi, long

How the content will look in our example:

  • title – Buy a long dress to the floor – stylish maxi dresses, free shipping Kiev and all Ukraine – Your brand
  • h1 – Long dresses to the floor, stylish maxi dresses
  • description – Large selection of floor-length dresses, long maxi dresses – regular catalog updates, discounts, free shipping throughout Ukraine. Buy and receive a gift from “your brand”
  • alt – Buy a long dress to the floor, maxi dresses Kiev and  Long maxi dresses to the floor

Long summer dresses to the floor are a real decoration for any lady, because this is the trend of the current season. Fashionable floor-length dresses perfectly outline the lines and curves of the female body, fit the silhouette and add elegance to any type of figure. A variety of models of long maxi dresses allow you to find your favorite model, someone more to their liking is made exactly to the figure, someone prefers a loose fit. The most popular models of maxi dresses to the floor:

  • evening maxi dresses with decorative trim, using flying expensive fabrics
  • casual dresses to the floor – mostly knitted and linen fabrics, simple cut, straight lines
  • beach dresses to the floor – very light and not hot fabrics, very simple silhouettes, a minimum of fasteners.
Как правильно оптимизировать страницу
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