Custom website development with CMS WordPress

For simple sites of business cards, catalogs – this can be an excellent budget solution! And in the presence of a huge number of ready-made themes – more than inexpensive solution!

However, it is nessesary to remember that the WordPress CMS basically inherits the structure developed for the quick creation of business card and blog sites. Therefore, the choice of a CMS or a project development solution from scratch should be made based on the recommendations of specialists. In pursuit of quick solutions, extensions are currently available for WP to integrate the functionality of the i-store, social network, forum and many other much more complex and resource-intensive features.

Subsequently, the project may be “squeezed in the grip” of the chosen system, the development costs of the project may grow exponentially, and the speed of the site with the growth of traffic may be completely ineffective and require the use of expensive dedicated servers for stable operation. We are happy to discuss your project and help you to choose the right solution.

Examples of websites developed by us on WordPress in our portfolio – check here.

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