Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the fastest and easiest way to get visitors to your site. Often, contextual advertising is a quick salvation for sites that were developed without the participation of an SEO specialist and did not receive the expected natural traffic after launch.

Advantages of contextual advertising

  • prompt attraction of targeted traffic to the site
  • simplicity of controlling costs for contextual advertising and calculating the cost of attracting a visitor
  • getting traffic for new sites under 6 months old
  • valuable information for analyzing traffic and user behavior on the site

Disadvantages of contextual advertising

– comparatively expensive when compared to the cost of SEO traffic

We offer you setting up an AdWords contextual advertising campaign

If your site has not used AdWords to drive traffic, you can order our contextual campaign setup on preferential terms.

  • Campaign setup cost – free
  • The minimum payment amount to launch a campaign is UAH 800 (the entire amount is spent on displaying your advertisements)
  • You will receive full access and control to your campaign – in the future, simply top up your account and get the planned amount of traffic
  • The campaign can be stopped or resumed any time
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